The Project
Fine dining restaurant, Vianney Massot Restaurant, was established at the end of 2018 We were privileged to be given the opportunity to develop the brand up with Vianney himself and by the end of our tenure, the restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star.
Whilst first impressions of fine French dining might seem intimidating to some, the vision Vianney has says otherwise. He has always emphasized the importance of creating a welcoming environment for the restaurant.
This approach can be seen more distinctly as we proceeded with developing the creatives. I played multiple roles in the project, from the conception and production of creatives, to working with the social theme in setting the direction and getting involved with the photography team behind the scenes.

We worked closely with Vianney for every creative asset related to the restaurant, starting with the logo. The first idea was conceived via a conversation we had over the phone. After a few iterations, the creative discourse we had has lead to something that is contemporary and has a touch of elegance without overtly extravagant.
This approach set the precedence for the creatives that follow i.e. namecards, social media visuals, advertisements, etc.

There was some excitement when we got to doing our first ad for the restaurant as we finally got to put together the different components we’ve developed (brand identity, photography) on a larger and physical scale. Some drafts were made and as a surprise, all were well received. But as only one had to be picked, the marketing team decided to run with this version shown above.

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