From left to right: Dave, Jeff, Me, Tom.
Hi, my name is Djohan. My youth was largely spent hanging out with friends. Their involvement with the music community here was probably my window into graphic design. Highly inspired by gig posters, record covers and the ethos behind the independent music community, I started learning my craft through friends and designing promotional material for the Rockstar Collective and Straits Records. Like everyone else, I've also gotten my hands dirty on a commercial level as well, working on projects by StarHub, Mini, Google, KFC, Twitter and WWF, among others.  

My graphic design practice is at times one of catharsis. I find much value in bridging the disciplines of the past with contemporary and futuristic mannerisms, blurring the distinctions between the idealistic and the pragmatic. Themes of urbanity have been a constant in the works I do and at times act as reminders of the human condition.

Thank you for your time. 
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