The VISUAL Pursuit.
Inspired by the independent music community, my graphic design journey began by designing promotional material for Singapore music entities like Rockstar Collective and Straits Records. What started as flyer designs evolved into concert posters, album art & packaging, and participation in art exhibitions. My works blend the discipline of past graphic design masters with the creative freedom of contemporary visual artists, pushing the boundaries of communication. Check out for an example of my featured work: I Am David Sparkle - This Is The New EP Packaging
seeking new sounds.
But my creativity extends beyond visuals. I am also a musician involved in writing music for both solo (Hayata) and group (I Am David Sparkle) projects. I have performed at numerous shows and festivals across different countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States.
Corporate rock.
In the commercial realm, I co-founded the design studio Villains in 2008. Our projects ranged from producing packaging art for local bands to designing logos for leading brands like Womar and event production for Nike. Winning our first Google pitch opened doors for our studio to become one of Google's creative vendors, giving us opportunities to work with global brands like Twitter and WWF. I also have experience in traditional agency settings, including my time at WPP-owned social media agency Vocanic, working on creative solutions for renowned brands like KFC, Mini, StarHub, Danone-AQUA, and SMRT. Currently, I am involved with the boutique agency Societal, driving creative projects for brands like Toyota, Suzuki and LionsBot.
As an alumnus of LASALLE College of the Arts, I had the privilege of participating in the Observatoire Europeen de l'Objet design workshop at the I.U.A.V. University in Venice, Italy. This cross-disciplinary experience emphasized the importance of collaboration and enriched my understanding of design. Additionally, I have shared my expertise as an adjunct visual and fashion communication educator at LASALLE, offering an alternative perspective for upcoming designers.
If you have potential opportunities aligned with my experience and expertise or if you just want to bond over a shared affinity for Slayer, feel free to reach out to me at
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