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This project was my first foray into the Toyota visual ecosystem. The 55th anniversary of Borneo Motors Singapore was coming up, and one of our creative directors at Societal, Kevin, wanted to do something special. Mike Sutcliffe, another creative director, suggested revisiting how car ads were done way back when.

For research, I looked for Borneo Motors ads published in the Singapore papers, in 1968. Some homework was also done on how I could emulate old school car renderings on the newer car models. 

It took almost the whole village to execute the idea, from the concept stage, to the refinements right up to the execution.

The art direction was also applied to the social media posts as well, but this time round, the renderings were applied on older car models. This was a homage to the cars that contributed to the development of Toyota's reputation as reliable, go-to automobiles.

I had a lot of assistance in the final touches of press ad by Khairul Azhar (Societal's associate creative director), as he has the most experience in working with the brand.

All in all, a great effort project to be a part of.

Creatives: Kevin Geeves, Mike Sutcliffe, Beng, Khairul Azhar, Djohan Johari
Accounts: Bianca Ignaties, Karl Lim

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