The Project

Though I'm not familiar with the family of dance, I'm intrigued by it. The articulation of the limbs, the movement of the human body as both a means of utility and communication. Here is a typographic piece layered on a great photo one of my fave dancers, Lauren Lovette.
She's a ballerina and a choreographer. There is something about dance, and specifically ballet, that is remarkably pulling. I'm especially intrigued by mental and physical strength, and bodily control it requires. Being a sucker for all things New York, I probably came across Lauren through the @nycballet . What pulled me in were behind-the-scene videos of her choreographing. I've been doing design for years and I still don't think it's in me to be in a role that oversees and leads. But seeing Lauren doing her thing with drive, confidence, and humility, is truly delightful.

Original photo taken by Karolina Kuras.

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