The Project
Another great opportunity to work with this awesome band. The lead guitarist shares an interest for music by Capn' Jazz, Texas Is The Reason, etc so one of the points considered to executing this project is to produce a product that utilizes a familiarity to the visual language used for the music then. The packaging for this release, was based on a limited release of Elliot's US Songs album. Working around the album title, 'You, Me And The Things Unsaid', the writing on the transparent sleeve signifies conversations between 2 parties, but as the the listener proceeds to remove the sleeve to listen to the CD, the experienced is reduced to just the listener and the main packaging that holds the CD (which is devoid of words), leaving the words and thoughts unsaid. 
Check the band out:
Images used on the packaging were shot on film on a Nikon F80 in Switzerland.
Packaging shots made using an LX3, courtesy of John Ling.

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