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The new national kit turned out to be an utter disappointment, and i recently found the nike page talking about it. They basically cooked a cloud of fluff about "history" and all that hyperbole, which really was just a flag pasted on a generic kit. 

Someone on Facebook suggested using the FA's logo instead of just the flag. Which got me thinking and prompted me to set time aside to attempt designing a logo/ coat of arms, etc for the national team. And I needed to do something instead of just running my mouth about it. 
FAS is one of the oldest football associations in the region, so I wanted to tap into something a bit more than a whimsical lion headed fish. I also wanted to stay away from the use of the lion. 

Singapore was a fishing village and our geographical location is one of the main reasons we grew. These were valid historical cues that led to the use of the element of water (waves etc). 

They FAS logo is an icon amongst fans and I want that included as a familiarity piece and as a bridge between the old and the new.

The logo / crest has to also be more than just a printed rectangle. I'd like to think that players would want something more tangible (at least visually) when they place their hand over their chest for the anthem / pledge etc. 

A lighter shade of blue was also used as a nod to the color of the kit the nation used in its early days. And since this logo was done with hopes of starting something new, it's coat over the older and darker shade of the FAS blue signifies the change needed within the association and also the ambition to bring our team back up to match or surpass the bar set by the players in blue.

There were so many inspiration points and references out there, but the one that stood out and used as a reference for this draft from was the one from Inter Miami, amongst others of course.
Logos done with the red and blue kits in mind and with the crescent and stars options.

If anyone knows whom i can reach out to in the FAS to propose this identity, do let me know.

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