The Project
Was invited by Winnie Goh from Ceriph to exhibit at Synaesthesia. It's an exhibition that showcases the collaborative work between artists and writers. The writer I was assigned to was Marc Nair. If you don't already know, I have severe OCD. It ranges from washing to intrusive thoughts and scrupulosity. Marc's narrative involves angels, etc and this might be due to my scrupulosity, I felt a bit uncomfortable about his contribution as my view in angels vastly differ from his hypothetical writing. We did exchange emails regarding this and from those conversations, the word 'listen' came about. It was my way of finding middle ground between my beliefs and the ones of others, (whether it being in hypothetical execution like the writer's, etc). It was my way to highlight the importance of listening, living in a world whom the views of others might not necessarily reflect those of mine.

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