The Project
Stoked to be part of a poster exhibition the 'Asian Subconscious' curated by Kult Magazine. This design alongside 9 other designers' will be launched at the KAPOK store at the National Design Center Singapore during the Singapore Design Week.
Write up:
It is a heavy responsibility to summarize the cognition of different races, their respective customs and dialects  on a piece of paper. The process in this project involves finding the lowest common denominator based on the observations and general consensus of my immediate environment. Romanticizing the trades of those who labored in a time before an era of accelerated urban development, 'life' seemed to be that perfect denominator, a voyage we are all on. It can be seen as a journey that transcends the trades and negotiations. It is one that builds us through adapting and living, and filled with laughs and tears that remind us of how fragile we are as humans.

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