The Project
Day In/Out
841 x 594 mm

The concept of having a career escapes me. This idea of starting at point A and working up to point B, C, D and E. And soon enough you'd realize that you're just chasing paper day in and day out. God forbid you get ill and have to try paying for that, amongst other things and with time you ultimately cease to exist. For the thousands of hours we put in, we 'reward' ourselves with probably a 2-week retreat in a foreign land, a part of which is spent getting lost in cities, annoying the locals with our inability to articulate in their tongue, and by the time we get used to the transportation system, it's time to head back to the humid drudgery we call life.
Jumping on what Peter Saville mentioned, the bulk of the time spent in 'design' is spent on the banality of trying to communicate for others. How many more toothpastes, soaps, detergents and email providers do we really need? 

Harsh is the reality that trades sustenance with absurdity. Day in, day out.


The art direction is similar to a project I did a long time ago when I was in school, which was later exhibited with my good mate here. The process of making letterforms from buildings stems from my liking for being in urban settings. Being a just a bystander busking in the hustle and bustle. I love the moving parts, the commerce and the modernity. The pursuit of success, romance and the glory of it all. But below these aspirations, are tales of urban decay, the constant existential queries, social class imbalances and societal assimilations, and the duel between being a viewer and a participant.  

An alternate take is available as an NFT here. It comes with the hi-res print version as well.


Music: Digital by Joy Division

Photos used is this piece are taken from the Unsplash site.
The photographers are:

Sina Bahar 

Ingrid Martinussen 

mehrab zahedbeigi 

Mike Hindle 


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